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[R2] Community Membership Levels

[R2] Membership - This is standard membership

This is Membership to the [R2] Raging Rebels Community. You will have to agree with and adhere to the [R2] Raging Rebels Community Membership Rules to obtain membership to [R2] Raging Rebels. To reach qualification level for membership you must be active in the forums and play with and get to know [R2] Members for a minimum of one month (20 hours). Once this has been completed a membership vote will be put up for you and all [R2] Members will vote on your membership. The vote lasts for 7 days to allow all Members time to vote. If successfully voted in there is a 1 month probationary period. Once you are a Member you are entitled to wear the [R2] tags, will have access to the [R2] Members Area in the forums and will appear as an [R2] Member in the forums. As a member of [R2] Raging Rebels you are expected to not only follow, but enforce our Code of Conduct in all our affairs.


[R2] Officer Membership - This is a progression for standard membership.

This is Officer Membership to the [R2] Raging Rebels Community. You will already be an established [R2] Member who has shown outstanding performance, attitude or contributions to the Community. This commitment and involvement is reflected by your performance in the forums, in game and your contributions to the community. If [R2] Officer/Senior Members think an [R2] Member/s has performed outstandingly, they will be put up for a vote by all [R2] Officer/Senior Members. This vote works in exactly the same way as the Membership vote. Once you are an [R2] Officer Member you will have access to the [R2] Officer Members Area in the forums and will appear as a [R2] Officer Member in the forums. You will be supplied with an admin account for our Teamspeak and all other servers if not already granted. You will be allowed and expected to make decisions for the good of the community.


[R2] Senior Membership - This is a progression from Officer to Senior membership.

This is Senior Membership to the [R2] Raging Rebels Community. You will already be an established [R2] Officer that has shown to embody the image of the [R2] Raging Rebels Community through continued commitment in all areas of the Community. Existing [R2] Senior Members will evaluate each [R2] Officer as to their commitment, involvement, judgement and performance. If [R2] Senior Members think an [R2] Officer/s has performed above and beyond, they will be put up for a vote by all [R2] Senior Members. This vote works in exactly the same way as the Mebership/Officer vote. Once you are an [R2] Senior Member you will have access to the [R2] Senior Members Area in the forums and will appear as an [R2] Senior Member in the forums. You will also be involved in the major decision making process of [R2] rules and procedures and the implementation of these decisions.

[R2] Gaming Rules & Obligations

1. In order to keep the level of services to our members it costs money so monthly dues are charged. These dues must be paid by the 5th of every month in order to keep your membership active. (These dues will vary depending on the type of services offered, the number of active paying members and the costs of services. Please check with the Senior in charge of dues for the most current dues rate).

2. You must approach gaming in a mature and fair way that means NO CHEATING. If you are caught cheating your membership will be revoked (We do background checks on all new recruits and members).

3. You must stay active in the [R2] Gaming Community business by making meaningful contributions in ALL areas of clan activities. That means the site Forums, Team Speak and clan meetings. Non active members will be removed from the clan roster and set to inactive/retired.

4. Push to talk must be used at all times with VOIP communications such as Teamspeak.

5. We expect you to use our clan tags. You joined to be a part of this community so use those tags. To clarify on this rule we will NOT accept a member being in other clans. You can not be 100% into [R2] Gaming Community if you are apart of another clan.

6. Members are expected to behave in a manner, which is, at all times respectful to ALL Clan Members and guests. Treat others as you expect to be treated yourself. Members are expected while representing [R2] to respect other gamers and ignore the ignorant, respect will come to us! This also applies to conduct on other servers, sites and forums.

7. It is recommended that members have a high speed internet connection and quality PC Specs.

8. Minimum age to join is 18+

9. You must have a positive attitude.

10. You must be in agreement to a one month probationary period which will apply to all new clan members. If you fail to adhere to any of these stated rules and obligations your clan membership will revoked.

11. Generally a 3 strike policy is used in disciplinary matters however, that may be waived depending on the nature of the issue at hand.

12. Dues are always ongoing so if members will be away for an extended period of time (30 days or longer) dues are to be paid as normal unless other arrangements are made with the Seniors / Founders PRIOR to the time away being taken.

[R2] Members are all adults and are all expected to act accordingly at all times while wearing the [R2] tags. While the above covers the most common situations and things associated with the activities of [R2] Gaming Community you are expected to carry yourself in a professional manner at all times and in all situations that could reflect upon your clan mates and clan. These rules may be updated at any time and for any reason so please be sure to refer to them often.

Just a reminder to all [R2] Members that you are to be using your [R2] tags whilst gaming and on the website. Please make sure you update your name on the website and forum to include these tags. If you need assistance to add the tags, simply let a founder or senior know and we can assist you. 

Thanks for your co-operation. Doing this will ensure all visitors and new members can easily identify [R2] Members at all times.

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